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Dead Girls by Graeme Cameron – ARC Review


My Rating ~ Four stars

4-gold-stars copy

TO BE RELEASED: 29 May 2018

Publisher: Harlequin Australia

Format: e-Book

Source: Received from Harlequin Australia via NetGalley


I may not remember everything, but I know he won’t hurt anyone else.

I won’t let him.

It’s been two months since a serial killer brutally attacked police detective Alisha Green and left her for dead. Two months since she could effortlessly recall simple things, since her mind felt remotely sound. The nameless killer thinks he knows her, thinks she’s just another dead girl among many. Ali Green plans to show him he’s dead wrong about that.

Ali has two enemies now: the dangerous man she’s hunting and her own failing memory. As explosive new evidence comes to light and conflicting accounts from a witness and a surviving victim threaten both her investigation and her credibility, she begins to question what is and isn’t real. And now Ali has no choice but to remember the past…before it buries her.




I’d like to thank Harlequin Australia for providing me with an e-ARC of this book, through NetGalley.

Detective Ali Green has seen the face of a serial killer.  He tried to kill her too.  The problem is, he left her with a head injury that has made it impossible for her to remember his face.  Her memory is also failing her in every day life and affecting her job.  That’s not going to stop her from hunting him down and solving the case though.  While trying to piece together the case, and her memory, she starts to wonder who she can trust, who is keeping secrets and whether she’ll be able to hold onto her sanity and her job.  Conflicting evidence has her questioning what she believes to be true, but does she have all the pieces of the puzzle, or are some still locked inside her scattered memory?

Dead girls was a gripping detective murder mystery that was right out of C.S.I.  It was suspenseful in a physical and psychological way but interjected with sarcastic and dark humour, which kept me engaged with the characters.  The different characters were a little hard to keep track of in the beginning, but as the book moved along, they intertwined and I enjoyed figuring out where everyone fit and what part they played. I would have liked a few more twists or a really shocking reveal in there somewhere, but all in all it was an interesting and intense thriller that I really enjoyed reading.


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