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Whisper (Whisper #1) by Lynette Noni


My Rating ~ Five stars


RELEASED: 1 May 2018

Publisher: Pantera Press

Format: Paperback

Pages: 335


“Lengard is a secret government facility for extraordinary people,” they told me.

I believed them. That was my mistake.

There isn’t anyone else in the world like me.

I’m different. I’m an anomaly. I’m a monster.

For two years, six months, fourteen days, eleven hours and sixteen minutes, Subject Six-Eight-Four — ‘Jane Doe’ — has been locked away and experimented on, without uttering a single word.

As Jane’s resolve begins to crack under the influence of her new — and unexpectedly kind — evaluator, she uncovers the truth about Lengard’s mysterious ‘program’, discovering that her own secret is at the heart of a sinister plot … and one wrong move, one wrong word, could change the world.



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“Jane Doe” has been imprisoned in a facility for over 2 years, enduring terrible experiments and torture.  She doesn’t know what they’re looking for, she only knows she must never speak. Because her words have power, and that power has destroyed her life before.

The director of the facility has told her it’s her last chance to prove her commitment to their program, a program she knows nothing about, and sends her to a new evaluator (Landon Ward), in a last ditch attempt to get her to speak.  Ward and his family give Jane something she hasn’t experienced in years – friendship.  But, in a place where secrets rule and no-one seems to be telling her the truth, she’s not sure who to trust.

Despite her determination not to speak, in a sudden, desperate situation, Jane Doe utters a single word, and everything changes.  She begins to uncover what is really going on at Lengard, and where her power comes from.  But when conflicting stories come to light, learning the truth and figuring out who her friends are isn’t as straight forward as it seemed.

I absolutely loved Whisper.  Part sci-fi, part magical realism, it’s full of twists, betrayal, rebellion and intrigue.  The characters were interesting and it wasn’t clear who was on the right side until very close to the end of the book.  It was a fast paced book, especially the last few chapters and I didn’t want to put it down.  I can’t wait for the next one!



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