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10 Bookstagrammer problems we can all relate to. Right?


10 Bookstagrammer problems we can all relate to…right?


Or is it just me?



Getting an amazing new prop and using EVERY BIT of your willpower to not feature it in Every. Single. Photo. For the next three weeks.



Having to change your shirt because it’s reflecting the wrong colour in your metallic prop.



Being distracted by Bookstagram while trying to take pictures for Bookstagram.



Every. Prop. Falling. Down.



Bluetak becoming your best friend when props won’t stay still. Then unsticking just as you go to take the photo.



Wanting to use a Paperback book in a non flatlay photo, and the cover keeps flopping open.



Sitting down to edit a photo, and realizing your phone/kids toy/half eaten snack is in the background. Not that this ever happens to me.  Ahem.



Wondering if “Assasination attempt by TBR” is acceptable to write on a hospital admission sheet.



Spending 12 hours at a time trying to figure out what book will be in each book subscription box, from the cryptic clues they’ve handed out



Having no time left to read, but all the time in the world to add just one (seventeen) more books to your TBR because LOOK AT THAT COVER.




Can you relate to any of these?  DO WE ALL SUFFER THE SAME WAY?  Do you have any to add to the list of ridiculous problems that make you want to faceplate into your cake?



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12 thoughts on “10 Bookstagrammer problems we can all relate to. Right?”

  1. I love this! I don’t take my bookstagram very seriously because I know that’s a rabbit hole that I don’t have the time for right now but I can totally relate to the paperback book thing. Also, I read A LOT of digital books and I use my iPad for those covers. iPads are VERY reflective so that’s my biggest annoyance I think ❤ Always a fan of your pics!! ❤

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