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Favourite books of 2018!


My favourite books I read this year



I decided to choose a favourite book for this year.  Then I laughed and laughed and laughed.  I can’t even decide a favourite ANYTHING, ever, so choosing one favourite from all the amazing books I read this year is like asking me to give up chocolate.  Or wine.

So, my ‘favourite’ became a favourites list, which really couldn’t fit anywhere but in a blog post.  So, without further ado, here are my *cough* thirty five *cough* favourite books I read in 2018.  Spoiler alert, it’s not the book or even books in the photo, because I haven’t even got to most of them yet. Ha! But that was my NYE pic so I’M USING IT 😀

There’s not a review for all of them here on my blog, because I didn’t start my blog until April 2018, but for the ones that do have a review, click on the pic to witness my flailing over them.



The Scorpio Races has MY WHOLE HEART.  I will recommend this book to anyone and everyone, even if they look at me weird when I say stuff like “Someone’s arm gets ripped off in the first few pages!  It’s amazing!”



ACOMAF – like so many others before me, I unashamedly became Rhysand trash.



The Extinction Trials was like  Jurassic Park Vs The Hunger Games and LOOK THERE WERE AWESOME DINOSAURS, OK?  It was amazing.



I was so engrossed in Everless that I literally left my husband standing at the airport because I had to finish it before I could get in the car to pick him up.  I know.  I’m a terrible person.  But it’s not like I left him at the altar, right?



I listened to Ready Player One on audio with my husband (see, he still loves me 😉 and it was just so FUN.  I grew up in the 80’s so I loved all the pop culture references and Wil Wheaton was just the best narrator!



Warcross was just so cool.  I LOVE books about virtual reality, because it’s something that’s real, but we’re just not at that level yet if you know what I mean?  I’m the type of person who’s pretty keen for any technology that can just, well, do more stuff for me really, so these type of books make me want to jump into them!



Scythe was my first introduction to Neal Shusterman and I am A FAN.  I couldn’t stop talking about this book and asking everyone to decide whether they’d prefer the world we’re in now, when we could die at any time and have no idea how, or a world like the one in Scythe where a Scythe could turn up on your door one day and say your time was up, but you knew you couldn’t die until then.  SUCH an interesting concept



Daughter of the Pirate King – SUPER. COOL. GIRL. PIRATES.  That is all.



To Kill a Kingdom was one of the first Little Mermaid retellings I’d ever read, and I immediately wanted more of them.  Lira fast became one of my favourite characters ever.



I was almost mad that I had never got around to reading Illuminae before.  It was EVERYTHING.  The format it was written in was like nothing I’d ever seen and I was hooked from the first page.  It will forever be known as the book that made me stop saying “I don’t do sci-fi”.



I listened to The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue on audio and it is now one of my all time favourite books.  Monty is THE BEST and I desperately want him to step out of this book and just be my best friend, ok?



I received an ARC of Fawkes and I was excited because it sounded so interesting, and nervous because I usually “don’t do historical fiction”.  My nerves were completely unwarranted because it was incredible!  COLOUR MAGIC.  Seriously, I still play a little game with myself imagining what colour magic I’d want and what I could do with it, after reading this book.  SO GOOD.



Starry Eyes was another book in a genre that I “don’t do” – clearly this year was the year of books coming out of the woodwork to rap me over the head and say “JUST TRY IT YOU FOOL” and I’m SO GLAD THEY DID.  Starry Eyes was so cute, but not blech with the romance.  It was funny and sad and just an all round amazing story.



Children of Blood and Bone was a book I was so intimidated by at first.  It seemed long and involved and just like it might be a lot of effort.  But I ended up loving it so much.  The main characters were fantastic and the ending had me wishing for a time machine to get the sequel.



The Surface Breaks was the second Little Mermaid retelling I read and I fell in love with it.  It was dark and creepy and stuck much closer to the original tale than any of the more ‘Disney’ versions.  This one gave me all the feelings!



Sky in the Deep – VIKINGS.  OMG.  I’m a bit obsessed with vikings I think?  Probably due to the TV Show (because you’ve seen Ragnar in that, right?  If Rhysand is my book boyfriend, Ragnar is definitely my TV boyfriend.)   This book was BLOODTHIRSTY.  I nearly had a heart attack right there on the first page and I don’t think it slowed down until I closed the book.



I freaking loved Caraval and Legendary was just as awesome!  I love Stephanie Garber’s way of describing places and events, it just pulls you right into the book.  It has become one of my life goals to get a dress like Scarlett’s dress.  Probably happen soon I think.



I was nervous going in to A Thousand Perfect Notes, because I’m quite proud of the fact that I don’t cry in books (unless an animal dies, OBVIOUSLY) and I had a feeling it was going to be sad.  BUT THAT’S OK BECAUSE I DIDN’T NEED MY HEART ANYWAY, IT WAS JUST SITTING THERE DOING NOTHING ELSE.  I cried and my husband asked what was wrong and I said the book was sad.  He said “Oh, is it bad?” and I was all “NO IT’S AMAZING” and he just went to bed.



Lifel1k3 was just…..honestly…just AMAZING.  THESE CHARACTERS.  Gah, I just want the sequel THIS SECOND.  Lemon Fresh, Cricket the sassy robot and the Kaiser, the cyborg dog are up there as some of my new favourite characters ever.  I could read Cricket’s snarky humour for the rest of my life.  ACTUALLY, GIVE ME A BOOK ALL ABOUT CRICKET PLEASE.



Sea Witch was the third Little Mermaid retelling I absolutely loved this year!  I adored the fact that it was about Ursula instead of an actual Little Mermaid retelling.  In a sea of mermaid books this year, it was something really different!  And seriously, that cover!



Contagion was SCARY people.  I am never going into space.  Never never never.  And if there’s a call for people to go and check out other planets, you’ll find me under the bed with the dog.  But it was scary in the best way!  Infectious alien diseases and being stranded on another planet?  I read most of this through my fingers.



After the Lights go out was an amazing doomsday book.  And it was set in Australia! I loved watching the different ways people can act when an apocalyptic event strikes.  It was another book that had me thinking about it for a long time after I finished reading.



The Demon Race was hands down one of the most surprising, underrated books I read this year.  I have no idea why it seems like no-one has heard of it?  It was super dark.  It was horrifying.  It was beautiful, gripping and devastating.  A middle eastern based book with demons, and a race not only to get to the finish line, but to get there before the demons they ride take over them forever.  I LOVED IT.



Beneath the Citadel was another surprising book for me, because themes set around politics often bore me to tears, but this one was so character driven and the characters were amazing!  The crew in this book are a new favourite!



A Curse so Dark and Lonely was such an EPIC Beauty and the Beast retelling! Amazing story I couldn’t put it down.



Heretics Anonymous was utterly brilliant.  It was HILARIOUS.  It managed to wind a very funny story around the important topic of not having to believe in anyone else’s religion, but being able to respect their beliefs (and to not always assume you know exactly what box they belong in).  I highly recommend this one, I absolutely loved it!



I have been waiting to read Nevernight for ages and I have no idea why?  It was phenomenal.  Stabby and dark and just plain amazing.



Dry was another incredible book by Neal Shusterman!  An apocalyptic type story of the taps suddenly running dry.  Another one that had me asking all the ‘what do you think you’d do in that situation?’ questions.



Why did I wait so long to start reading The Lunar Chronicles??  Cinder was so great! Fantastic story and another little robot to add to my growing collection of favourites (Iko)



Vicious was another one I stupidly put off reading, because it seemed like it had superhero themes and, you guessed it “I don’t do superheroes”.  Well Jen, apparently you DO ALL THE BOOKS YOU THINK YOU DON’T DO.  This was perfectly stabby and Victor is just THE BEST.  Vengeful will definitely be on my TBR for early 2019



I was so in love with Blanca & Roja from the first page.  It was such a beautiful fairytale retelling.  The writing was just stunning.



To Best the Boys – girls masquerading as boys, scary labyrinth’s and cool twists.  YES.



We Told Six Lies was one of my favourite YA mysteries I’ve ever read!  I didn’t see any of the twists coming and it was brilliant.



Girls of Paper and Fire was heartbreaking but empowering at the same time.  I loved the complex lives of the girls in this story and the ending left me needing the next book pronto!



The Wicker King was my last read of 2018 and it was another book that casually ripped out my heart and dropped it on the floor.  This book was so edgy, with such important topics and I loved it.


Well, if you made it all the way to here, WELL DONE, because I almost didn’t. Haha.  Maybe next year I’ll be able to narrow it down to a top ten or something?  No promises though 😉





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