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The Extinction Trials: Rebel (The Extinction Trials #3) by S.M. Wilson



My Rating ~ Five stars


RELEASE DATE:  7 February 2019

Publisher: Usborne Publishing

Format: Paperback

Pages: 384



Betrayal. Sacrifice. Survival. Welcome to The Extinction Trials

Storm and Lincoln’s city is burning. The people are starving. The only place left to run is Piloria, the continent of monsters. It’s up to Storm and Lincoln to keep their people alive as they colonize this lethal paradise. But will the biggest threat to their survival be the monsters in the jungle…or the ones inside the encampment with them?

The Hunger Games meets Jurassic Park in this wildly popular series filled with action, survival and betrayal.





As this review is for book 3, there may be spoilers in my review for the first two books in the series


I’ll preface this review by saying I LOVE dinosaurs.  The fictional stories, the real palaeontology discoveries, interesting facts, EVERYTHING and I am so glad I discovered this series!

After Lincoln brought the cure for the blistering plague back from Piloria, he didn’t anticipate that it would help so many people that their population would become unsustainable. The food is running out and the people of Earthasia are starving.  The only way to survive is to board the boat, with the 400 other people, and head to the dinosaur continent to start a new life.  No-one has bothered to ask the advice of the few people who have already been to Piloria, nor have they asked whether the viruses they planted have worked.  Storm and Reben have been living on Piloria for six months and have seen first hand what effect the viruses have had.  With infighting between the Stipulators who ran Earthasia and little knowledge or respect for the dinosaurs from the people, will they be able to settle on Piloria, or will they turn it into the same barren wasteland as Earthasia?

It took me a few chapters to remember all that had happened at the end of the second book, Exile, but once I got my groove back, I just couldn’t put this book down.  If you’ve already enjoyed the previous books, this is a fantastic finale.  We get to see the characters and relationships between Storm, Lincoln and Reben develop even more and the tension between other characters makes for a tense and exciting read.   Rebel really focuses on the continuation of the struggle Storm has in trying to convince people not all dinosaurs are dangerous and there is a possibility they could live harmoniously together.

I enjoyed the fact that this book was set mostly on Piloria as I’d been looking forward to reading more about the dinosaur continent.  S.M. Wilson does a brilliant job of describing the world and I always find I can picture it perfectly in my mind.  I understand that this book is the finale to the series, but it was left open in a way that could lead on to another book…, maybe we will get more..? 😁




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