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April 2019 wrap-up


My wrap up for April



I read seventeen books this month and participated in the #owlsreadathon #magicalreadathon over on bookstagram!  I completed all the O.W.L.s I needed for the Alchemist career path and it’s probably the most effort I’ve ever put into ‘exams’ haha😂

My five stars for this month were:

Aurora Rising: Wasn’t even surprised this was so awesome. I am in love with so many characters from this book!  If you’re reading this before the 6th May, it won’t link through to my review because the publisher requested reviews of the ARC be published on the release date, so it’ll be available for you to read then 🙂

The Blood Spell:  I didn’t expect to love this Cinderella retelling as much as I did, but it was amazing!

Serious Moonlight: Jenn Bennett can do no wrong when it comes to contemporaries and this was another sweet and fun read.

Viper: This turned out to be one of my new favourite books!  It was full of bloodthirsty pirates and adventure and I am now dying for the sequel!

The Binding: Another new favourite book!  This entire story was enchanting and heartbreaking and I never wanted it to end,

There were also some other amazing books that deserve a special mention – Smoke & Key, Beautiful Bad, Serving the Servant and The Similars were all almost 5 star reads for me.

As usual, clicking on the pics below will take you to my reviews 🙂

Let me know in the comments what your favourite read was for April!


similars diviners.jpg starfish2 thebinding RE Book Cover float viper 36511805 fairest.jpg servingtheservant rose lastunicorn.jpg 35215746 secretrunners beautifulbad SMOKEKEY aurorarising




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