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Recursion by Blake Crouch – ARC Review

My Rating ~ Five stars

RELEASED: 11 June 2019

Publisher: Macmillan

Format: Paperback

Pages: 329

RRP: $29.99


A mind-bending new thriller from the New York Times bestselling author of Dark Matter and The Wayward Pines trilogy.

Barry Sutton is driving home from another long shift as an NYPD detective when the call comes in. A woman is threatening to commit suicide, and someone’s got to try to talk her down. Only as he stands on the rooftop, mere inches away from her, does he realize that the woman is infected with False Memory Syndrome, a mysterious disease that drives its victims mad with memories of a life they never lived. When Barry is unable to save her, he’s rocked to his core–not only by her death but the fear that he’s been exposed to this devastating illness.

Helena Smith is a brilliant but frustrated neuroscientist. If she could only get the funding, she’s sure she could build the ambitious device she’s long imagined–one that would allow people to preserve their most intense memories and relive them whenever they want. So when a billionaire entrepreneur offers to bankroll her project, she jumps at the opportunity–even if there are some strange conditions attached.

As Helena’s efforts yield stunning results, Barry investigates the mystery behind the woman he failed to save. He finds himself on a journey as astonishing as it is terrifying, ultimately revealing the true danger posed by Helena’s invention–and a plot that could bring about the end of reality as we know it.

Weaving together Barry’s story and Helena’s in ways even the savviest reader will never guess, Recurson is a brilliant science fiction thriller about time, memory, and the illusion of the present, built on our inability to escape the flashbulb moments that define us.




Thankyou to Macmillan Australia for providing me with a copy of Recursion in exchange for an honest review!

I have loved all of Blake Crouch’s books so far, and Recursion definitely didn’t disappoint! His mind bending stories are always the type to make you think – and are ultimately terrifying when you do start to go down that rabbit hole in your brain.

Recursion is a dark and twisty thriller with sci-fi and time travel elements.  I absolutely love philosophical discussions about time travel and the butterfly effect it could have.  When Helene, one of the main characters, dedicates her life to building a special chair to capture memories and help Alzheimer’s patients, she never imagines the use it could be put to and the repercussions it could have for the world.

Barry is a divorced police officer, living with a horrifying event that happened over a decade ago.  Something he would give anything to change.  When he can’t save a suicidal woman, suffering from false memory syndrome, he starts to investigate some of the claims she made to memories that couldn’t be true.  He has no idea about the incredible, life-changing technology he’s about to encounter, or the people who can and will do anything to save it.

Recursion was a wild ride from start to finish!  The characters were clever and interesting and the plot was so intricate and well done.  The science behind memories, and whether we can trust them, is fascinating, and as usual Blake Crouch presents it in a way that simultaneously makes you want to know everything about it, whilst being hugely entertaining.  The action was fast paced, especially towards the end, where I don’t think I breathed for about 5 chapters.  I’d highly recommend this one for thriller lovers, whether you particularly enjoy sci-fi or not!





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