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Relic by Bronwyn Eley – ARC Review


My Rating ~ Five stars


RELEASE DATE:  12 September 2019

Publisher: Talem Press

Format: E-ARC




In the city of Edriast, there is no deadlier duty than to serve as the Shadow.

As the personal servant of the powerful Lord Rennard, the Shadow’s life is all but forfeit. Rennard possesses one of five rare and dangerous Relics – a jewel that protects his bloodline, but slowly poisons everyone else in its proximity. When the current Shadow succumbs to its magic, nineteen-year-old blacksmith Kaylan is summoned to take his place.

It’s an appointment that will kill her.

As the time Kaylan has left ebbs away, hope begins to fade… That is, until she discovers a plot to destroy all five bloodlines in possession of the Relics.

A rebel force plans to put an end to Rennard’s rule and Kaylan suddenly finds herself embroiled in a cause that might just be worth fighting for. But no cause is without its costs…

As her life hangs in the balance and rebellion bears down on Edriast, Kaylan must decide where her loyalties lie – and how she’ll leave her mark on the world.





Thank you so much to Talem Press for providing me with a copy of Relic, in exchange for an honest review.


Edriast’s lord wears a deadly relic, passed down through his bloodline. As the relic leaches the life from everyone who spends time in close proximity to it, he employs a shadow, someone as a servant to attend to all his need, so others don’t have to. His latest shadow has succumbed to the relics power and Kaylan has been selected in the lottery to take his place.
Relic was a brilliant dark fantasy I couldn’t get enough of. I’m so glad it wasn’t a stand-alone, not because the story left too many plot points unresolved, but because I’m not ready to say goodbye to the characters!
Kaylan is one of those characters who are tough, but at the same time vulnerable and flawed. I appreciate those much more than the ‘I’m just a normal girl but suddenly I can do everything’ characters. She has a fierce love for her, equally flawed, family and struggles hard with having to leave them behind, while still trying to protect them from afar.
I also loved Marcus and Jesper as side characters. They were both interesting in their own right and added so much to the story. Rennard was a villain that gave me underlying feelings of almost feeling sorry for him at times. The relic’s power seemed to change him as well as those around it.
The story itself has plenty of intrigue and I was never quite sure who some of the characters were actually loyal to.
I’m really looking forward to the next book , this has the potential to be an amazing series!




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