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The Other, Better Me by Antony John


My Rating ~ Four stars

RELEASE DATE:  1 October 2019

Publisher: Katherine Tegan Books

Format: E-ARC

Pages:  268

Source:  WunderkindPR




Lola and Momma have always been a team of two. It hasn’t always been easy for Lola, being one of the only kids she knows with just one parent around. And lately she’s been feeling incomplete, like there’s a part of herself that she can’t know until she knows her dad.

But what will happen—to Lola, to Momma, to their team of two—if she finds him?





Thank you so much to Wunderkind PR for providing me with a copy of The Other, Better Me, in exchange for an honest review.


Life isn’t easy for Lola right now, with a class bully who won’t leave her alone, her mum so tired all the time and her constant wondering about who her dad is – and why he hasn’t contacted her since she was three years old, it’s a lot for a ten year old to take in.  When her teacher sets an assignment at school to write a paper on an alternate life path, an ‘other you’ story, Lola decides not only to write about a life where she found her dad, but to actually try and find him in real life.  With a few trusty friends, she thinks she just might be able to do it, as long as she can keep it a secret from her mum.

The Other, Better Me was a sweet and heart wrenching story about the way we don’t always have all the answers, and sometimes, as a child, adults aren’t as forthcoming with information as you think they should be.  With themes of friendship, financial struggles, dealing with illness and learning to understand people we may not particularly like, I think this is a fantastic book for middle grade and older readers.  The story was engaging and fun, with enough emotion thrown in to really make me feel for Lola and her friends. An all round lovely book!






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