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The Long Distance Playlist by Tara Eglington – ARC Review


My Rating ~ Five Stars

RELEASE DATE:  16 December 2019

Publisher: Harper Collins Australia

Format: Paperback

Pages: 424


Today is my stop on the bookstagram tour for The Long Distance Playlist, thanks to Harper Collins Australia and @readthebooktours !



Taylor and Isolde used to be best friends – before THAT FIGHT, 18 months ago. It’s been radio silence ever since – until Taylor contacts Isolde to sympathise with her breakup: the breakup that she never saw coming; the breakup that destroyed her confidence and ended her dreams of joining the National Ballet School.

Taylor’s had his own share of challenges, including a life-altering accident that has brought his hopes of competing at the Winter Olympics to a halt.

Isolde responds to Taylor, to be polite. But what starts out as heartbreak-themed Spotify playlists and shared stories of exes quickly becomes something more.

And as Taylor and Isolde start to lean on each other, the distance between them begins to feel not so distant after all …

A boy. A girl. A one-of-a-kind friendship. Cross-country convos and middle-of-the-night playlists. With big dreams come even bigger challenges.





Thank you so much to Harper Collins and the author for providing me with a copy of The Long Distance Playlist!


Isolde’s entire life revolves around ballet. It is her life dream to attend a special ballet school, but when her boyfriend betrays her and they break up, her heavy commitments and flagging social life start to weigh her down.  When she receives a message from an old friend she hasn’t spoken to for 18 months, she knows their parents probably just set it up out of politeness.  But as Taylor continues to message Isolde and send her break-up playlists to help her through, they start to reminisce and confide in each other again.  With Isolde living in Australia and Taylor in New Zealand, they haven’t come face to face yet, however, Isolde’s sister is getting married in New Zealand, so they start to count down the days to their reunion.

After reading the blurb for this book, I was a little worried it would be an overly sappy romance, but it absolutely wasn’t!  I loved the fact that neither of the main characters just threw in their hopes and dreams to chase a romance, as so often seems to happen in romantic books.  It was a wonderful slow burn relationship built on friendship, shared ambition and a good dose of misunderstanding – like most early relationships are 😂

The commitment required from Isolde for her ballet was a real eye opener for me, having never been involved in anything like that and Taylor’s life-changing injury was well handled from a narrative sense.

I really enjoyed the way the book was written largely in IM’s, emails, texts and Skype conversations, it made it so much more interesting and gave me a real connection with the characters.  The playlists included in the story were fantastic too, I’ve flagged a bunch of them to remind me of some songs to add to my own playlists!

I would highly recommend picking this unique YA contemporary up!





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