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A Strange Kind of Brave by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald – ARC Review


My Rating ~ Four stars

RELEASE DATE:  25 July 2019

Publisher: Orion Children’s Books

Format: Paperback

Pages:  240

Source:  Hachette Australia




Jake McCormack is the villain of Clanfedden. He’s just killed a boy – deliberately run him over with his truck, on the bridge, in front of everyone. And he knows he’ll get away with it.

Luca, 14, is the new boy in town. He’s looking for a fresh start after a terrible thing that happened at his old school. Clanfedden is a small forgotten town, but Luca and his mum are going to give it a go. They’re opening an exciting restaurant, and Allie Redmond is coming to work there. Allie is honest and kind and Luca knows they’re going to be friends.

Allie has lived in Clanfedden all her life and these should be happy days – Luca is the best thing to have happened in years. But she’s haunted by shadows of her own, and more than anyone she knows the danger of Jake McCormack. She needs to warn Luca. She needs to prevent disaster. At least she needs to try…





Thank you so much to Hachette Australia for providing me with a copy of A Strange Kind of Brave, in exchange for an honest review.


A Strange Kind of Brave starts its tale with a shocking revelation “Yesterday I killed a boy on Clanfedden Bridge and then I drove away.  Nobody had the courage to stop me”.  As the story takes us on the lead up to this moment, it alternates points of view between the original narrator and two other characters.

This was quite a unique story with wonderful messages about the damage bullying can do, among children and adults alike, as well as the courage it takes to stand up to it.  Although the subject matter was geared towards YA, I could see this book being enjoyed by older middle grade readers as well.

The plot twists really kept me engaged with this book. Everytime I thought I knew what was going on, things moved in an entirely different direction!

I’d recommend adding this well written contemporary to your TBR list!





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