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Oasis by Katya De Beccerra – ARC Review


My Rating ~ Four Stars

RELEASE DATE:  4 January 2019

Format: Paperback

Pages: 281

Publisher: Macmillan Australia



The oasis saved them. But who will save them from the oasis?

Alif had exciting summer plans: working on her father’s archaeological dig site in the desert with four close friends . . . and a very cute research assistant. Then the sandstorm hit.

With their camp wiped away, Alif and the others find themselves lost on the sands, seemingly doomed . . . until they find the oasis. It has everything they need: food, water, shade—and mysterious ruins that hide a deadly secret. As reality begins to shift around them, they question what’s real and what’s a mirage.

The answers turn Alif and her friends against one another, and they begin to wonder if they’ve truly been saved. And while it was easy to walk into the oasis, it may be impossible to leave . . ..





Thank you so much to Macmillan Australia for providing me with a copy of Oasis in exchange for an honest review!

This was one of those rare books I shoved a bunch of other books on my TBR out of the way for as soon as it arrived.  The blurb just really sucked me in.  Sounding like a cross between The Mummy and Lost, I was intrigued!

When Alif sets off on a trip with her friends to visit her father’s archeological dig, she’s both excited and nervous – after all, her father’s research assistant will be there, and Alif has had a crush on him forever.  However, a few days of work and fun turn into a nightmare when first, a man suffering badly from exposure walks out of the dessert, under strange circumstances, and then a huge sandstorm hits the site. Lost in the desert, with compasses that don’t seem to work, the group stumble upon an Oasis too good to be true.  As they wait to be rescued, they can’t deny there’s something even stranger about the Oasis than they first thought.  With reality getting harder and harder to hold on to, none of them are sure they’ll be able to make it out of the Oasis alive.

This book was a lot of fun.  The story was tense and the descriptions of the surroundings in the oasis had me feeling like I was right there.  I really enjoyed the writing and I loved that even when I thought I everything all figured out, there were still more surprises to come.  Oasis was the type of book that didn’t give you all the answers.  Some things were left up to interpretation or guess work, and although I can sometimes find that frustrating, in this case it just added to the vibe of the story.  I actually want to go back and do a re-read to see if there are clues I missed!  I think this would made a fantastic book club or buddy read book – it would provide some brilliant discussion points!





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