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January 2020 wrap-up


My wrap up for January



I am so determined to finish this year with less books on my TBR list than I started with, but even though I managed to read 21 books this month, I am still already failing because a lot more than that got added to my pile 🙈🙉😆.

I had a ton of 5 stars this month!  They were:


One of Us is Next:  Amazing sequel to One of Us is Lying, I enjoyed this one more than the first!


The Bone Houses:  I hadn’t rushed to read this one because I wasn’t sure if I’d like it but it was fantastic!


Frozen 2: Forest of Shadows: I adored this book that is clearly aimed at middle grade readers, but I thought fit better into YA for some of the themes.  I love both of the Frozen movies and this was a brilliant bridging book between the two of them.


Girls of Storm and Shadow:  I have loved this series!  I enjoyed this sequel to Girls of Paper and Fire just as much as the first book


The Mothers:  Heartbreaking and harrowing, The Mothers was a difficult but brilliant read.


The Evolution of Claire:  I love all things Jurassic Park and this origin story of Claire was absolutely brilliant.  I wasn’t a huge fan of Claire in Jurassic World, but I like her much more after reading this book!


Rein of Mist & War of Mist:  This series has been such an underrated surprise for me!  Five stars for every book and I’m so glad I read them!


Dear Edward:  A beautiful and heart wrenching book that follows a young boy who was the only survivor of a plane crash. Alternating between his life after the crash and the stories of the people on the plane before it crashed, I was so proud to have this one on tour with Read the Book Tours!


A Throne of Swans:  I listened to this one on audio after seeing it around bookstagram and was surprised by just how much I loved it!  I really want to get the physical book but I was hoping to find it in hardback and so far I’ve only seen it released in paperback!


The Ninth Sorceress:  An incredible, magical journey I’d highly recommend checking out!


 Ashlords:  I so hoped I was going to love this one and I DID!  Phoenix horses, dirty racing, magic and sinister plots all round!


The Hand on the Wall:  A brilliant conclusion to the Truly Devious series!  I’ve really enjoyed these YA mystery books!


The Last Smile in Sunder City:  Another unexpected favourite. A fantastic, gritty magical realism book full of monsters, a simmering war and a new favourite anti-hero of mine.  Terry Pratchett lovers should definitely check this one out.



As usual, clicking on the pics below will take you to my reviews (Some reviews may not be live on my blog yet as I post them on the book’s release date due to publisher’s requests, so keep your eye on my blog for those reviews in January)  🙂

Let me know in the comments what your favourite read was for January!








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