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May 2020 wrap-up


My wrap up for May



I read a huge 22 books in May! I have no idea how, I was so busy 😅 but I managed to get through a lot of ARC’s I wanted to read and found some really awesome books!

My 4.5 / 5 stars for this month were:


The Rules:  A fast paced thriller based around Amber and her doomsday prepper father.  This one was a brilliant and somewhat scary book!


Aurora Burning: I already knew this was going to be a favourite before I opened the book.  I loved Aurora Rising and Aurora Burning did not disappoint!  That ending though!!


The Challenger:  The Challenger is book 2 in The Contender series and it was even better than the first book!  If I can use one word to entice you to make sure you pick these books up, it’s going to be DINOSAURS.


Loki: Where Mischief Lies:  I was a little hesitant to pick this one up, because I’m not really into the Marvel universe, but I actually loved it!  Loki was a brilliant character and the fact that I hadn’t seen much of the Marvel movies at all didn’t affect my enjoyment of the book one bit.


The Drop Off:  The Drop Off is FUNNY.  I laughed out loud on several occasions. It’s also heartfelt and relatable.  If you have kids (or, even if you don’t, really) this is a super fun read that had me wanting to finish it all in one sitting.  If you’re in Australia, I’ll be having a giveaway for a copy of this book in the coming days, so watch my instagram account to get your entry in!


Dawn of Mist: I think this series is one of the most underrated series out there.  I am OBSESSED with every single book, and this prequel was no exception.  It includes a bunch of stories from different character’s points of view, leading up to the events in the first book, Heart of Mist


The Dark Tide:  This was an unexpectedly brilliant book!  With a fantastic twist on the ‘girl rescues boy’ theme, this atmospheric story became a new favourite for me!


Dangerous Remedy:  This was one of those books I put off reading for ages.  I’ve had the ARC for MONTHS and the blurb just wasn’t catching my interest.  I finally picked it up and am now kicking myself for not reading it sooner!  With a bit of a Six of Crows feel to it, although it was was more of a rescue story than a heist story, I loved these characters and can’t wait for the next book!


Other ones I really enjoyed were Little Creeping Things, House of Salt and Sorrows, Deadman’s Track, Vox and Mayhem!


As usual, clicking on the pics below will take you to my reviews (Some reviews may not be live on my blog yet as I post them on the book’s release date due to publisher’s requests, so keep your eye on my blog for those reviews in June)  🙂

Let me know in the comments what your favourite read was for May







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