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The Subway Girl by Lisa Becker – Review

My Rating ~ Four Stars

RELEASE DATE:  14 July 2020

Format: Paperback

Pages: 276

Source: Author





A hopeless romantic.
A cynical web show producer.
An unscrupulous cameraman.
A sleazy businessman.
An aspiring actress.
A womanizing best friend.
A scheming ex-girlfriend.
A commitment-phobic roommate.
An unlucky-in-love buddy.

These lives intersect when an average guy is awed by a gorgeous mystery woman on a New York subway and vows to meet her.




Thank you so much to Lisa Becker for sending me a copy of The Subway Girl, in exchange for an honest review!


When Ryan sees a beautiful girl on the Subway, he’s convinced he needs to meet her. He doesn’t have much to go on – just a set of enchanting green eyes, a pink beanie and a British accent.  After setting up a website, hoping to find the mystery girl, reporter Angie contacts him with a proposition – allow the celebrity news company she works for help him find his subway girl.  Angie needs to find her as much as Ryan, because her job and mother’s house are on the line. But how far is she willing to go?

The Subway Girl was such a sweet and cute read.  Romance isn’t usually my go to genre, but this was so much fun!  I really loved Angie, she was such a brilliant character and her flaws just made her more relatable.  Ryan was super sweet but a little naive when it came to what was going on around him.  I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to hug him or shake him at times 😄 I also really enjoyed the friendships in the story – between Ryan and his work mates and Angie and her roommate.  I felt like we got to know the side characters just enough to keep things interesting, without pulling away from the main story of the quest for the subway girl.

There was nothing super unpredictable about the storyline, but I laughed and smiled the whole way through what turned out to be a cautionary tale, wrapped up in a pretty great little story.

This book is a wonderful, feel good read, that is light and heartwarming.  Definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a cute romance!





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