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I’m Not Afraid of You by Annette Murcott – ARC Review


My Rating ~ Three and a half Stars

RELEASE DATE:  24 May 2020

Format: Paperback

Pages: 228




In 2003, 32-year-old Annette Murcott was wrongfully charged with the wilful murder of her partner, Bevan, in Port Hedland in Western Australia. She was sent to Bandyup Prison in Perth for two long years before the charge was overturned.A lifelong battler, Annette presents a stomach-churning account of extreme abuse, love, murder, family loyalty and police corruption.She had endured a violent relationship and a horrendous miscarriage of justice, but what Annette didn’t know was that the worst was yet to come.This is a heart-rending story of a mother’s strength and fortitude, fuelled by the desperate love for her son and the unshakeable belief in her own innocence.I’m Not Afraid of You is the true story of Annette’s harrowing journey and the terrible years she spent in prison before her charge was finally overturned.




Thank you so much to Aisling Enterprises PR for providing me with a copy of I’m Not Afraid of You, in exchange for an honest review!


I’m Not Afraid of you is the  harrowing story of how Annette Murcott was accused of murdering her long time abusive partner, and her struggle to overcome corruption and a life in prison, to clear her name.  While reading this story I was probably left with as many questions as Annette was – why the police continued to allow her partner to commit terrible domestic violence against her, with no consequences, why evidence was misplaced on several occasions and why, when they had a full confession from someone else, Annette was still subjected to such a long time in prison, awaiting trial.  Although at times almost unbelievable, I’m Not Afraid of You shines a light on the failures of the system to adequately protect women and children from violent partners, and the desperation that can result from the lack of options. I am actually very surprised I knew nothing about this case prior to reading the book.  It happened in my state when I was 25 years old and I recall reading nothing about it at the time!

Sometimes I find it a little difficult to read autobiographical stories, as I am so used to reading books by experienced authors.  When someone is narrating their life story, I have to keep reminding myself they do not possess the same type of experience in writing.  I did struggle with the writing style at first, and with the repetitive nature of some of the accounts.  Several things we were told were brought up again later in the story and could have been cut out.  However, the actual narrative was altogether engaging as well as sad and horrifying.  Finding myself in the same position would have been my worst nightmare and no-one should have to go through the things Annette did.




1 thought on “I’m Not Afraid of You by Annette Murcott – ARC Review”

  1. My heart broke reading about Annette . She is a very dear friend of mine she has so much strength and I’m so proud of what she has done . This book is the story of the strongest woman I know .


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