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Vengeance Blooms (Guardians of the Grove #1) by Chloe Hodge – Review


My Rating ~ Five Stars

RELEASE DATE:  9 August 2019

Format: Paperback

Pages: 376

Source : Author




Orphaned and alone, Ashalea Kindaris has just one goal in life– to avenge the death of her parents. But when darkness descends on the land, she discovers her motives are linked to a much larger quest.

To protect the world from elimination, she must find the next Guardians of the Grove– Everosia’s inner sanctum and gateway to other dimensions.

As shadows disperse and the forces of evil mount, Ashalea travels through water and wood, sewer and summit, to reach the chosen.

Will her training lead to victory, or will the weight of unravelling secrets lead to her ruin?




Thank you so much to Chloe Hodge for sending me a copy of Vengeance Blooms, in exchange for an honest review!


When Ashalea reaches her 16th birthday, she expects celebration, not unimaginable horror and to be fighting for her life.  Rescued and set on vengeance, she lives with the wizard who saved her, until they begin a journey Ashalea hopes will lead her to answers from her past, and vengeance for what happened there.

Vengeance Blooms was a magical story with the adventure feel of Lord of the Rings. With an explosive beginning, that built to an even more action packed ending, I loved joining this quest with Ashalea and the other fantastic characters.  The lush, descriptive world building had me really immersed in the story and I especially loved the many magical (and often horrifying) creatures we met along the way.  Except a certain creature we met on a boat.  That thing gave me nightmares 😅

High fantasy isn’t usually my go to genre, but Chloe really hit the nail on the head with this one.  I couldn’t have asked for more gripping action scenes, heartstopping betrayals or brilliant twists.  I’d highly recommend grabbing yourself a copy of this one and starting your Guardians of the Grove journey.  I’m looking forward to the next book!



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