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A Misplaced Child by Heather Michelle – Tour Stop and Review


My Rating ~ Five Stars

RELEASE DATE:  15 September 2020

Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Late for Dinner Press

Source:  Author


Today is my tour stop on the Instagram tour for A Misplaced Child, thanks to the author and @readthebooktours!




Torn between two worlds, which will she embrace?

Elodie Harper is heir to the magical kingdom of Aluna. Trapped by an evil wizard in an illusion; Elodie grows up caught between two worlds, one of magic, and one of technology.

As the facade of her mundane life of lies and fake smiles cracks, her kingdom crumbles in the absence of its ruler. Join Elodie as she navigates both lives not knowing which to embrace, and which to push into the back of her mind and forget as a bad dream.





Elodie is trying to live a normal life.  She hates worrying her parents, she hates being bullied at school for being the ‘weird kid’, but that’s an impossible feat, considering she’s living between two worlds.  At completely unexpected intervals, Elodie is whisked back and forth between Aluna, where she is the princess of a magical kingdom and earth.  As she tries to balance her two lives, she is trying desperately to discover the secret to how to break the spell that keeps returning her to ‘the illusion’ on earth.  Her mentor, the wizard Gedas, knows more than he’s letting on, but he refuses to give her any information on a prophecy surrounding Elodie and the spell.
A Misplaced Child was a really fun book and although Elodie was twelve years old and the story is suitable for a middle grade audience, it also felt at home for an older YA audience too.  I often pictured Elodie as quite a bit older than she was described. The struggles Elodie faced trying to either convince her parents she wasn’t making the magical world up, or pretending she had fabricated the whole thing, just to stop them worrying was heartbreaking and I appreciated the struggle her parents must have faced with the situation too.  Elodie’s friendship with Silas in the Twoshy (magical world) was the highlight of the book for me.  It was lovely and genuine, with a real twist due to his changing age, while she stayed the same!
I’m looking forward to book two and if you enjoy stories set part way between the mundane and fantastical worlds, make sure you add this one to your TBR!



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