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Fractured by Shay Siegel – ARC Review

My Rating ~ Four and a half Stars

RELEASE DATE:  27 October 2020

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Smith Publicity


Mason Vance is the guy everybody wants to be, and he knows it. He’s the best high school quarterback in New York, a shoo-in for a football scholarship at any school he chooses, and he’s expected to land in the NFL one day. That is, until a broken wrist leaves him fearing whether he’ll ever play again.

Desperate to save his damaged ego, Mason sets his sights on Lace. No cheerleader or homecoming queen like his usual type, she’s too wrapped in her own misery to fall for his pickup lines. Even though she tries to shut him out, she’s surprised to find he’s there for her when no one else is. Slowly, she lets him into the sad workings of her mind and less-than-perfect life, and Mason finds himself caring about Lace more than he’d ever thought possible. That’s why neither of them sees his huge mistake coming—one that instantly fractures everything between them.

Will Mason confront the ugliest side of himself, and in the process see who he’s capable of becoming, or will he fall back into the life he knew before Lace and his injury?



Thank you to Smith Publicity for providing me with a copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review!

Mason is 16 years old and all he cares about is scoring – with girls and on the football field. He has a reputation for sleeping with as many girls as he can and he’ll do anything to keep that reputation up with his friends. When he breaks his wrist during a game, he fears he’s facing a ruined football career before it’s even begun. On top of that, he’s met a girl, Lace, at the doctors office, one that seems different and immune to his pick up lines. As Mason’s original pursuit of Lace  becomes something more, when he starts to have feelings for her like he’s never experienced, he begins to question the behaviour of himself and his friends.

When I first started reading Fractured, I had nothing but contempt for Mason. He and his friends were the worst sort of macho teens and it was frustrating and distasteful to read, but it was also an unfortunately realistic story when I thought back to boys I knew of growing up. The alpha male culture and indulgence of ‘sporting hero’s’ we have created in society still remains a huge issue today and I think Fractured highlighted this well. It was not a comfortable read, I think we all like to think boys have stepped away from this toxic masculinity act, but in reality, that’s not the case at all. Plenty of the boys I knew, who acted much the same as Mason and his friends at 16, have grown up into lovely family men in their 40’s. People can and absolutely do change, but it would be nice for that to happen without a lesson at someone else’s expense.

I also liked the outcome of what transpired between Mason and Lace. The idea that growing and learning from mistakes doesn’t always mean life gets wrapped up in a pretty bow, made this book more powerful than I expected it to be.

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