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A Wind from the Rift (Price of Magic #2) by Bonnie Wynne – ARC Review

My Rating ~ Five Stars

RELEASE DATE:  19 November 2020

Format: E-ARC

Publisher: Talem Press


The sorceress has broken free of her shackles.

Months of imprisonment have forged Gwyn into something new; something dangerous. Eight dead sorceresses whisper in her ear, hungry for blood and vengeance – and after unleashing the red magic to make her escape, she fears she won’t be able to stop.

All Gwyn really wants is to go home. But as she soon discovers, escaping the Clockwork City may prove an impossible task. The wizards of the Syndicate wage a silent, bloody war over her fate, and to survive, she must play their deadly game.

As strange storms ravage the city and wizards start turning up dead, Gwyn finds herself in more danger than ever. With enemies on every side, the immortal Scions massing their armies, and the dark power inside her growing stronger, she must make a choice… To save everything she loves, is she willing to become the monster the Syndicate fears?

A Wind from the Rift is the electrifying second volume in Bonnie Wynne’s spellbinding fantasy series, The Price of Magic.



Thank you to Talem Press for providing me with a copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review!

A Wind From the Rift is book 2 in the Price of Magic series and therefore my review could contain spoilers for book 1, The Ninth Sorceress.

After really enjoying The Ninth Sorceress last year, I was so excited to read the sequel and it did not disappoint.  In fact, I think I actually enjoyed this one even more!
Kicking off right where the Ninth Sorceress finished, Gwyn thinks she is in the most dangerous place she could be, until she’s thrown underground into a prison she never even knew existed.  Trying her best not to call upon the red magic, she is intent on escaping the inescapable place, but what comes after?
Caught in a situation where she needs to play along with the Mancers to stay alive, she is torn between her need to escape and fear of what those inside the Syndicate could do to her.  As she struggles to rein control over the dark powers that now rage inside her, Gwyn finds herself making new, unlikely friends and learning more about the sorceress that came before her.
The writing in A Wind from the Rift felt even richer than the first book.  This series stands up so well as a brilliant fantasy, with relatable characters and fantastic world building.  I had no trouble immersing myself back into Gwyn’s world, even though it had been a while since I’d read The Ninth Sorceress.  I especially adore some of the side characters in this series.  There’s some fun banter that contrasts nicely with the darkness of the storyline, bringing extra emotion to the bonds between the characters. The shapeshifter Lucian is my absolute favourite and I loved Tavi as a new character too!
If you haven’t picked up this series yet, I’d highly recommend you do, especially if you love dark magic, sorceresses, desperate situations and unusual friendships!

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