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The Guest Book by C.L. Pattison – ARC Review

My Rating ~ Four stars

RELEASE DATE: 7 January 2021

Publisher: Random House UK, Vintage

Format: E-ARC

Source: NetGalley


Charles and Grace wanted a quiet staycation honeymoon, but when their train terminates early due to a storm up ahead, they wonder if they made the wrong decision. Forced to take shelter in the nearest seaside town, Saltwater, they discover their fellow passengers have filled all the recommended B&Bs to the brim. There is only one guesthouse left. Unlike the rest of Saltwater, The Anchorage is entirely deserted.

That night, with the storm howling relentlessly, Grace is woken by a child crying. She is haunted by the sound, until Charles convinces her it was only her imagination. But the next day, she finds a warning scrawled in the guest book: Leave now. Do not trust them .

As the storm rages on, days go by and phone lines are down, transport links cut off. Grace is desperate to leave, but Charles remains unaffected by the eerie stillness of the house. Is it just Grace’s imagination or do the owners, and Charles, have something to hide?




Thankyou to Random House UK, Vintage for providing me with a copy of The Guest House, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

Grace and Charles are headed for their honeymoon when their travel plans are disrupted by a storm bringing a tree down on the train line. Needing to get out of the storm and find a place to stay, they find every hotel in the own fully booked, except for one. The Anchorage. Charles used to stay at the very same B&B when he was a child and remembers the hosts, so they check in. But Grace is not at all comfortable. The phone lines are down, there’s no wi-fi and she knows she’s hearing strange noises in the night. As Grace becomes more and more desperate to leave, Charles seems in no hurry to part with his childhood holiday destination.

A haunting tale with some brilliant twists and turns. I really didn’t see the reveals coming at the end and the mystery was more heartbreaking than I thought it would be. There were a few things I was becoming frustrated about, because it didn’t seem they were going to be cleared up at all but most of them were, right at the end! Told in alternating chapters from Grace and Charles, and interspersed with chapters from an unknown narrator, this was a well paced thriller with plenty of creepiness!


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