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The Secret Library (Magian #2) by M.J. McGriff – ARC Review


My Rating ~ Five Stars

RELEASE DATE:  19 April 2021

Format: E-ARC


When a surly pirate and a treasure-hunting nun fall into a cursed jungle with the Order captain tasked with their capture—what else could possibly go wrong?

Seraphina Davalos left her seminary and inserted herself into Captain Mari Adlam’s pirate crew to gain passage to a mysterious isle said to hide a secret library. In this library is the knowledge her twin sister—the one chosen by the gods to wield Macario’s Scepter—needs to defeat the awakening monsters and stop the end of the world.

No big deal, right? Unfortunately, Captain Luis Fozo is much less concerned with taboo myths and impending doom. He’s determined to exact revenge on the pirates responsible for his brother’s death.

His plan goes sideways, however, when he falls through an ancient portal and is forced to work together with Seraphina and Mari to survive sirens, harpies, diabolical traps, and whatever else the cursed jungle conjures on their path to the library—and escape.

Their alliance is only temporary, though. He doesn’t believe their conspiracy theories about the world ending in the slightest. And he certainly, most definitely—without question—is not falling for a brave, naive nun who’s as intelligent as she is beautiful.

It’s only a few days, a few monsters, and a few curses. How bad could it be?

A funny, page-turning adventure great for fans of Indiana Jones with a dash of Pirates of the Caribbean.



Thank you to author, M.J. McGriff,  for providing me with a copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review!

The Secret Library picks up after the explosive end to Macario’s Scepter. Seraphina is determined to locate the library, to retrieve the knowledge her sister needs, no matter how much of a non-adventurer she is. When she, together with pirate Captain Mari and Captain Fozo (who is there to arrest them), fall through a strange portal through to an island teeming with monsters, finding that library seems more out of reach than ever.

These books are so much fun! The monsters M.J. McGriff comes up with are always so terrifying and unique. Seraphina really grew as a character in this one, as did Mari. The tension between Seraphina and Captain Fozo was woven into the story really well and I loved the way it was an important part of the plot, but didn’t take over the cutthroat piratey adventure.

I flew through this one because I just needed to know what was going to happen. There were some real heart stopping moments. I couldn’t breathe at all through a certain bridge scene. 😅

If you love pirate stories and haven’t picked up this series by MJ McGriff yet, I’d recommend getting your hands on book 1, Macario’s Scepter!


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