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The Lake by Natasha Preston – ARC Review


My Rating ~ Three stars

3-gold-stars copy 2

RELEASE DATE: 2 March 2021

Publisher: Penguin Books Australia

Format: Paperback

Pages: 357



Hot on the heels of The Twin, the undisputed queen of YA thrillers is back with a scary and suspenseful read about a summer camp filled with dark secrets.

Esme and Kayla once were campers at Camp Pine Lake. They’re excited to be back this year as CITs (counselors in training). Esme loves the little girls in her cabin and thinks it’s funny how scared they are of everything–spiders, the surly head counselor, the dark, boys . . . even swimming in the lake! It reminds her a little of how she and Kayla used to be, once. Before . . . it happened.

Because Esme and Kayla did something bad when they were campers. Afterwards, the girls agreed to keep it secret. They’ve moved on–or so they say–and this summer is going to be great. Two months of sun, s’mores, and flirting with the cute boy counselors. But then they get a note. THE LAKE NEVER FORGETS. And the secret they’ve kept buried for so many years is about to resurface





Thankyou to Penguin Books Australia for providing me with a copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review.

Esme is really not sure her and Kayla should be taking a summer job, working at a camp they attended when they were younger.  Something happened there the year they were 8 and it’s haunted them ever since.  When strange things start to happen, that the others write off as pranks at first, Esme is convinced someone knows what happened all those years ago, and is targeting both her and Kayla specifically.

This one reminded me of when I used to read Christopher Pike books as a teenager.  It was fun, but predictable with stereotypical characters and the obligatory immediate pairing up of the boys and girls in the group.  The reveals were interesting, but just not all that shocking.  I think I was more invested in the story at the beginning, when I didn’t know the secrets, than after they were revealed.  The story does have its atmospheric moments, I just wish there were more of them and the secrets were….bigger.

The Lake is quite fast paced and would make a good weekend read, where you don’t want to have to concentrate too hard on remembering too many details or characters though.  I think plenty of people will really enjoy this one, especially those newer to the genre.





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