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Killing Dragons (Order of the Dolphin #1) by Kristie Clark – ARC Review


My Rating ~ Four and a half Stars

4half-gold-stars copy

RELEASE DATE:  1June 2021

Format: E-ARC

Pages: 410

Publisher: Books Go Social


On a tropical island, a sea dragon strikes terror. Marine Biologist Eva Paz is a survivor. Growing up in rural poverty, she loses her family after her brother dies in cartel crossfire. Mistrustful of others and more comfortable around animals, Eva throws herself into her work. When a sea dragon attacks her lead dolphin, Taffy, it threatens Eva’s dreams of cracking the dolphin communication code.

A man from Eva’s tragic past arrives on the island to lead a dive school; Geneticist Thomas Sternberg’s sabbatical soon turns into a nightmare when the sea dragon assaults one of his divers. Eva doesn’t trust him. On his watch as a former Navy SEAL, others died, and an injury left Taffy terribly scarred.

Drug lord Ignacio makes Eva an offer she can’t refuse. He’ll fund her research if she’ll help him catch the sea dragon. She needs the money. She lost her grant. Her dolphins could be turned loose in the Caribbean with that dragon. There’s a catch. Ignacio would capture and control the sea dragon at any cost.

To stop the dragon, Eva must decide if she should ally with Thomas or Ignacio. Or she could go after the dangerous dragon alone.

Can a haunted scientist slay the dragon in time to save her dolphins?



Thank you so much to Books Go Social for sending me a copy of this book, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review!

4.5 stars

I am a massive sucker for books with dinosaurs, ESPECIALLY prehistoric sea creatures, so I can’t tell you how excited I was to be approved for this one on NetGalley! 

Eva is working against the clock, to keep her grant, in her research into dolphin communication. When a man she knows is killed on a lone fishing trip, his injuries spark rumours of a sea monster lurking in the ocean, so does the huge conical tooth Eva finds. 

Thomas is working as a paediatrician when an old friend asked him to come on a trip with him, to the same island where his ex-girlfriend Eva works.  They intend to teach search and rescue diving to tourists, but after a few of the dives are met with disaster, due to an unidentified sea creature, finding out what is lurking in the depths becomes the priority.

Killing Dragons had all the danger and heart stopping moments I love and expect from prehistoric monster books and I loved the added layer of the dolphin research! The story was told in alternating chapters between Eva and Thomas, but there were a few chapters even told from the dolphins’ perspective (I enjoyed those so much!).  The pacing of the entire book was brilliant and there were some great reveals and twists along the way. I was a little unsure about the way an autistic character was portrayed, but I think I’d need a view from someone who actually has Autism to comment on that further. 

All in all though, Killing Dragons was a load of nail biting fun and satisfied my craving for dinosaur books. Something we don’t have enough of! I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next book. 


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