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June 2021 wrap-up


My wrap up forJune



So, during May, we bought some new chairs.  What does this have to do with my reading wrap up you ask?  Well, these new chairs got set up in the loungeroom, surrounded by my second shelves and plants and, more importantly, not where my laptop is.  Because up until now, I’ve sat on my couch to read at night, right next to my laptop.  Which means I constantly get distracted by emails and work, while I’m reading.  Now, the only thing to distract me is snacks (and of course my phone, but I’m not ready to move that to another room yet 😂).  So, in short, less distractions while reading = more books read in June!  Scroll down to see which books I read, and a picture of my new comfy chairs 😄


My favourites for this month were (reviews can be found by clicking the pictures below):

This Poison Heart:  Such a unique and addictive book!  Not only is this one an incredible fantasy, it’s funny and clever too!

One Last Stop:  By the author of Red White and Royal Blue, a brilliant book that was equal parts funny and heartwrenching.  

The Unhoneymooners:  I’ve been meaning to read this one for ages and I’m so glad I did!  It was hilarious and so much fun!

City of Spells:   The sequel to Into the Crooked Place, I wont say much due to spoilers, but if you enjoyed book 1, this one was just as good!

The Switch:  Another one I’d been meaning to read for a while after seeing it around bookstagram.  I really loved the characters in this one!  I’m starting to realise I just love books with sassy older ladies, they make my day (I hope I am one when I get old(er) 😄)

The Firekeepers Daughter:  This book was absolutely outstanding!  A modern day murder mystery, that blended traditions from the main character’s Ojibwe roots perfectly.  The characters in this book were some of the most interesting and well developed characters I’ve seen in a while.  Highly recommend!

Rabbits: A super cool story that takes you down a rabbit hole of twists, impossible coincidences and ‘make you think’ events.  If you love Stranger Things and Lost, check this one out

The Nature of Witches:  A beautiful book full of nature witches that can control magic from different seasons.  A unique concept and main characters I loved!

Killing Dragons:  Dolphin communication, a prehistoric sea monster, criminals and a whole bunch of nail biting fun made this one a great read!


As usual, clicking on the pics below will take you to my reviews (Some reviews may not be live on my blog yet as I post them on the book’s release date due to publisher’s requests, so keep your eye on my blog for those reviews in July)  🙂

Let me know in the comments what your favourite read was for June!



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