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A Song of Flight (Warrior Bards #3) by Juliet Marillier- ARC Review



My Rating ~ Four Stars

4-gold-stars copy

RELEASE DATE:  27 July 2021

Format: Paperback

Pages: 384

Publisher: Macmillan Australia


Please note, this review is for book 3 in the series.  The synopsis and my review will contain spoilers for book 1 (The Harp of Kings) and book 2 (A Dance With Fate).




After a violent encounter with masked men and the sinister Crow Folk, Prince Aolu of Dalriada disappears without a trace, and his companion Galen is seriously injured.

Liobhan and the Swan Island warriors seek answers to the prince’s abduction. For Liobhan this mission is personal, as Galen is her beloved brother.

While she and her team investigate, Liobhan’s younger brother Brocc is in serious trouble. Brocc’s secret attempt to communicate with the Crow Folk triggers a shocking incident, and sends him on a path which endangers the one he loves above all else.

What brought the Crow Folk to Erin? And who plots to use them in an unscrupulous bid for power? As Liobhan and Brocc seek the truth, it becomes clear the two missions are connected – and an extraordinary mystery unfolds.





Thank you so much to Macmillan Australia for sending me a copy of this book,  in exchange for an honest review!


The prince and his guard, Galen, also Liobhan’s brother, are attacked in the woods. Galen is hurt and the prince just…disappears.

Meanwhile, Brocc is living in the Fae kingdom with his wife and child, secretly working to try and bring peace between the Crow Folk and everyone else.

When Galen arrives back injured, a team is dispatched from the Island to find the missing prince. Liobhan is prevented from joining the team but she ends up with her own urgent mission instead. 

A Song of Flight follows on from book 2, where we saw the torture Dau’s brother had inflicted on the Crow Folk. In this book, Brocc is determined to lean on the trust of the crow folk he helped rescue from their plight. We get to see the developing relationship between Lionhan and Dau, plus revisit other characters we met in previous books. Split into four different journeys: Brocc’s, the Prince’s, Dau (as part of the team looking for the Prince) and Liobhan’s, this story brings together all the loose ends and wraps up many of the plot points I hoped it would.

This series is so wonderful and I’ve enjoyed the characters so much! This book took me a little longer to read than the others but I couldn’t really put my finger on why. I wasn’t quite as invested as in the first two books and I wish we’d been given a little more time with the other world folk I adored, but I still loved being back in this world! 





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