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The Stars Beyond the Stone (The Price of Magic #3) by Bonnie Wynne – ARC Review


My Rating ~ Five Stars

RELEASE DATE:  16 September 2021

Format: E-ARC

Publisher: Talem Press

Pages: 568

This review is for book 3 in the Price of Magic series.  The blurb and my review may contain spoilers for books 1, The Ninth Sorceress and book 2, A Wind from the Rift.


The Scions roam free, and only the sorceress can hunt them…

After the battle with storm god Molech Suun, a city is in ruins and a new Archmage holds the Syndicate’s leash. But while Gwyn has accepted her fate – to hunt down and destroy the remaining Scions – her loyalty is still to her old master Faolan, held captive by a cunning necromancer.

Saving Faolan means leaving the wizards and the Clockwork City behind. With the shapeshifter Lucian at her side, Gwyn embarks on a dangerous journey across the sea, to lands where pirate kings rule and wild magic sings.

But sorceresses are heir to a dark legacy of blood – and Gwyn soon finds that she’s the one being hunted.

The Scions want her dead, and a new enemy sends threats and warnings that can’t be ignored. As Gwyn struggles to balance her desires and her destiny, she finds herself unprepared for what awaits her beyond the city walls. And far to the south, amid the ashes of a fallen kingdom, a familiar foe is setting deadly plans in motion…



Thank you to Talem Press for providing me with a copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review!

When I’ve stopped crying over the ending I might be able to write a coherent review. BONNIE, WHAT DID YOU DO 😭😅

The stars Beyond the Stone continues after the dramatic ending of A Wind From the Rift. Gwen and Lucian are together (I still freaking LOVE shapeshifting Lucian) and when Gwen learns her old master might still be alive, she’s determined to find and rescue him. Of course Lucian can’t let her go alone (and come on, who doesn’t want a man who can shift into a Tiger along anyway) and they set out on a journey that turns into much more than they bargained for. 

We’re taken to new lands in this book, and Bonnie Wynne is an expert at crafting worlds that just come alive for me. We also had new characters and big surprises with existing characters. Each one of the books in this series has had absolutely heart stopping moments and twists that jumped out of the dark and grabbed me. The Stars Beyond the Stone just felt like such a brilliant adventure story. It was full of fast paced action and journeys full of danger. I am so in love with this series and I never have any trouble getting right back into the story, even if it’s been a while since I finished the previous book!

If you’re looking for a well crafted fantasy, full of intriguing characters and twists you won’t see coming, make sure you check The Price of Magic series out!  

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