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The Revelry by Katherine Webber – ARC Review




My Rating ~ Four Stars

4-gold-stars copy

RELEASE DATE:  6 January 2021

Format: Paperback

Pages: 272

Publisher: Walker Books





A story of best friends, bad luck and the consequences of breaking the rules in a town built on secrets and superstitions.

I am girl of Ember Grove, and these are my woods…

Growing up in Ember Grove, Bitsy Clark knows better than to mess with the long-held traditions of her hometown. Until her best friend, Amy, persuades her to sneak into the Revelry – the end of school party in the woods, to which only those leaving are invited.

When she wakes the next day, Bitsy can’t remember anything from the night before. Weirder still, whenever she tries to speak about…





Thank you so much to Walker Books for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!


In Ember Grove, everyone attends a special party, called The Revelry, at the end of senior year. No-one talks about it but everyone knows it’s something special. Something that could even change your life. But sinister rumors surround the Revelry sometimes – sometimes kids even go missing.  Bitsy Clark and her best friend Amy aren’t due to go to their own revelry yet, but when Amy finds an invitation by chance, she convinces Bitsy to go – despite Bitsy’s misgivings. After they venture out of the wood, they can’t remember anything about the night at all. Nor can they speak about it. Amy is fine with that but Bitsy needs to know what happened. As the two friends are pulled apart by more and more strange events, Bitsy is determined to solve the mystery.

The Revelry was a quick, fun read, with enough creep factor to really keep me entertained! I would have liked to see a few more shocking twists, but I do appreciate that this one read more like a light horror story than a real thriller or mystery.  The friendship between Bitsy and Amy was a little bland (the fighting and immediate forgiveness over and over was a bit repetitive) but again, this one was just a great book to sit back and get lost in when you aren’t looking for anything too taxing!





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