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The Wedding Crasher by Abigail Mann – ARC Review




My Rating ~ Four Stars

3-gold-stars copy 2

RELEASE DATE:  17 March 2022

Format: Paperback

Pages: 400

Publisher: Harper Collins





Poppy is packing her bags to spend two blissful weeks alone on an island. It’s time away from the ex-husband who hasn’t quite moved out yet, and reminders of the marriage they rushed into young, before she’ll kick back on a girls’ holiday with her oldest friend Lola.

But before Poppy can set foot on the ferry, Lola waylays her. She has her first high-profile wedding planner gig on the neighbouring island, and there’s a problem – the photographer has bailed.

Poppy agrees to help out for Lola’s sake. But soon the bride confides she has cold feet and asks Poppy’s help escaping the island, and then Poppy realises she recognises the groom. Embroiled in a high-society disaster waiting to happen, Poppy has to save the wedding… but should she?





Thank you so much to Harper Collins for providing me with a copy of this book, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review!


Poppy is navigating her way through a marriage that is not as ended as it should be, when she heads off to take photos of puffins on a remote island.  But before she boards the boat, she runs into her best friend Lola, who’s a wedding planner for a huge, week long, top secret wedding.  The problem is, the photographer is sick and Lola needs a solution fast, so Poppy agrees to attend as the photographer for a few days until the real photographer shows up. When she arrives, not only does the groom look awfully familiar, his father is turning the wedding into a business meeting and his wife to be is avoiding everyone.  As Lola desperately tries to keep up with more and more crazy demands from the wedding families, Poppy wonders if the bride and groom really should be going through with it at all.

This was a fun, easy read with a couple of twists but it didn’t seem to fit into any category that I particularly enjoy.  It was mildly funny, but not really comedy and the twists didn’t really work as a mystery because there was no lead up to the reveals.  I guess it was supposed to be a contemporary romance?  but the romance was barely there and I needed more humour for this one to really make an impact.  Lola was by far the most interesting character in the story and the one I enjoyed the most.  The situation between Poppy and her ex husband was just infuriating and made me want to shake her and there was very little chemistry between any of the characters there should have been.

I’m not condemning this one as a bad book, just a bit of a holiday read that didn’t leave a huge impact on me.





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