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The Accident by Katie McMahon – ARC Review




My Rating ~ Five Stars


RELEASE DATE:  30 August 2022

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Echo Publishing

Source: DMCPR Media





All it takes is a spilt second for everything to change forever.

Imogen has always wanted to be a doctor, but the pressure of her job is slowly cracking her fragile mental state; her infatuation with an old flame twisting into something darker.

Grace has her hands full as a vet and a harried mother to a recovering anorexic teenager. But when circumstances force her daughter to change school, Grace’s carefully-hidden secrets are threatened with exposure.

Zoe, a teacher, is blissfully in love with her new boyfriend, but his old school friend, Imogen, still seems to be obsessed with him…and now her…

All it takes is one fateful accident to change all their lives forever. Or was it an accident at all?





Thank you so much to DMCPR Media for providing me with a copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review!

Grace is struggling with her daughter’s eating disorder and guilt over the married man she’s seeing. Zoe is trying to move on from her divorce with a new love. Imogen is feeling the pressure at her job as a doctor, and the mistakes she keeps making. An accident will affect all their lives. 

I loved the way this book was written. Each chapter is prefaced with a small piece of information from the coroners report about the accident, but we have no idea who was involved in it until the end. The plot slowly unfolds through multiple characters’ point of view and I was hooked from the start.    

Each character had a range of relatable pressures and issues in their life and watching them try to navigate through them made for a gripping story.  If you’re looking for a fantastic suburban drama with a clever mystery, make sure you pick up The Accident!  I’ll certainly be checking out this author’s other book too.




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