About Me

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My name is Jen and I live in the beautiful hills of Perth, Western Australia, with my husband (who does not understand completely sensible things such as “I have this book in hardback, and an exclusive edition to go with it, but I’ve also bought it on the kindle because it is a bit heavy to hold”), my hilarious baby daughter, a dog, chickens and a flock of ducks.

I have loved books ever since my little hands could turn pages and my mouth could demand just one more story from my parents (the words “Read the Giant Shoe again!” still haunt my mum to this day).


I became a ‘book collector’ (a different hobby to reading it turns out!) several years ago and started to fill our home with as many books as possible.  I am powerless to resist beautiful book covers, and photography is a much loved hobby of mine, so I created a Bookstagram account in July 2017 and I now spend more time there than my own bed.

Extra facts about me:

  • I almost never DNF (do not finish) a book.  I just can’t do it.  I have an inbuilt need to KNOW and am much too curious and stubborn to stop before the end.
  • A book series changing cover design or size of the book part way through a series makes my eye twitch
  • I live for beautiful naked covers, under the dust jacket, on hardback books
  • You’ll mostly find me reading YA fantasy, magical realism, sci-fi, mysteries and thrillers.  I also can’t go past a good comedic fantasy book.


Thanks for visiting my humble blog.  Don’t forget to visit me on Instagram and Goodreads, I’d love to chat to books with you!