Review Policy




I am currently accepting books for review from publishers.  If you are interested in me publishing an honest review for a book, then please read my review policy below and email me at

At this time I am personally unable accept any more review requests from authors direct, as I can not guarantee to be able to read them within a reasonable time.  

If you are an author looking for special promotion of your book or upcoming book, I am a co-owner of a bookstagram tour business called Read The Book Tours.  We are able to run one or two week tours, showcasing your book, to a large audience of book lovers via instagram.  You can find details on how to request a tour on our Instagram page here.  There is an expression of interest form (including a price list) in the linktree link in our bio.  Publishers, please note we can also offer this separate service to your authors.



Public reviews and promotion

I will provide an honest review on all books I read. The reviews will be based on my personal opinion. I publish reviews here on my blog and on Goodreads.  I also promote my reviews on my Instagram account.  If you are requesting a review for an ARC/galley I will publish my review as soon as possible, and aim to have it completed within one week of the book launch. If you require a review not to be posted until a specific time (i.e. if you do not want a review posted until a few weeks prior to the publication date), please let me know in your email so I can accomodate this.


I review fiction books only and my preferred genres are as follows: YA fantasy, magical realism, sci-fi, mysteries, thrillers, contemporary and comedic fantasy.

Accepted Formats 

As my main following is based on my Instagram account, I prefer hard copies of books.  This makes it easier to promote a book through photography (see my Instagram account here for examples of the book photos I publish). However, I will consider reviewing e-ARC’s in Kindle format.

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