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All that Impossible Space by Anna Morgan – ARC Review & Blog Tour

My Rating ~ Four stars

RELEASED: 25 June 2019

Publisher:  Hachette Australia

Format: Paperback

Pages: 280

RRP:  AU$19.99

Source:  Received from Hachette Australia


Today is my tour stop for All That Impossible Space by Anna Morgan, thanks to Hachette Australia.  Make sure you check out my instagram post too!



15-year-old Lara Laylor feels like supporting character in her own life. She’s Ashley’s best friend, she’s Hannah’s sister-she’s never just Lara.
When new history teacher Mr. Grant gives her an unusual assignment: investigating the mystery of the Somerton Man. Found dead in on an Adelaide beach in 1948, a half-smoked cigarette still in his mouth and the labels cut out of his clothes, the Somerton Man has intrigued people for years. Was he a spy? A criminal? Year 10 has plenty of mysteries of its own: boys, drama queen friends, and enigmatic new students. When they seem just as unsolvable as a 60-year-old cold case, Lara finds herself spending more and more time on the assignment. But Mr Grant himself may be the biggest mystery of all…




Thankyou to Hachette Australia for providing me with a copy of All that Impossible Space, in exchange for an honest review.

Lara is navigating her way through high school in year ten, dealing with a toxic friendship with her best friend Ash, rehearsing for a musical she didn’t want to be in, exploring her feelings for a boy she’s just met, plus a whole bunch of other stuff – not that her parents, or anyone, notice, because Lara is just Lara.  Always in someone else’s shadow.  On top of that, her new history teacher has handed her a real life mystery to try and solve, one that no-one else seems quite as invested in as she is.

All That Impossible Space combined teenage drama and a true mystery seamlessly.  Lara’s friendship with Ash was infuriating (I always find it a little hard to relate when it comes to those sorts of toxic friendships, because I’m the type that has no problem walking away, but I do acknowledge that’s not the case for everyone), it was clear Lara felt as though she owed Ash something because Ash had ‘rescued her’ from a heartbreaking incident in primary school, but ugh, I hope if my daughter develops a friendship like that, I will take notice and tell her to get out of there!

Apart from toxic friendships, there were other interesting topics explored in the book too, such as finding where you fit in the world as a second child.  Lara’s older sister’s reputation has teachers assuming she’s cut from the same cloth and her parents focus most of their time on Hannah, the more “teenagery” teenager, missing the fact that their quieter child might have issues to discuss too.

As well as the main mystery of the history assignment (a true crime case known as The Somerton Man), there was another underlying mystery involving the history teacher, Mr Grant.  Although I saw the answer to that mystery coming, it still provided an extra level of intrigue to the story.

I’d recommend this one for lovers of high school mystery type books, like One of Us is Lying!



ALL THAT IMPOSSIBLE SPACE pic by bookbookowl


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About The Author. 
Anna Morgan Author Photo
Anna was born in Sydney, but spent most of her childhood surrounded by mountains in Nepal and Tibet while her parents were part of an international community of health professionals. Navigating this cross-cultural life made her a curious observer of people, although most of her time was spent reading Enid Blyton and dreaming of going to boarding school. This did not cushion the shock of shifting from home-school in Tibet to an all-girls high school in Melbourne when her family returned to Australia. All That Impossible Space explores some of the intense and convoluted friendships that thrive in this setting. Anna completed a MA in Writing for Young People at Bath Spa University in 2015, and now lives in Melbourne with her husband. She works as a bookseller.

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