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Malice by Pintip Dunn – ARC Review


My Rating ~ Four Stars

RELEASE DATE:  4 February 2019

Publisher: Entangled Teen

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 350



What I know: a boy in my school will one day wipe out two-thirds of the population with a virus.

What I don’t know: who he is.

In a race against the clock, I not only have to figure out his identity, but I’ll have to outwit a voice from the future telling me to kill him. Because I’m starting to realize no one is telling the truth. But how can I play chess with someone who already knows the outcome of my every move? Someone so filled with malice they’ve lost all hope in humanity? Well, I’ll just have to find a way—because now they’ve drawn a target on the only boy I’ve ever loved…





Thank you so much to Entangled Teen for providing me with a copy of Malice in exchange for an honest review!


Alice is just having a normal lunch at school, when she hears a voice in her mind.  When the voice convinces her they are from the future, and coerces her into doing something she would never have done otherwise, Alice doesn’t realise it’s just the beginning of the new life she’s about to embark on.  After the voice tells her someone at her school will invent a virus that will wipe out two thirds of the world, and she’s the only one who can stop it, Alice is set on a path to try and work out who the inventor is, and how she can prevent the catastrophic event.

With plenty of twists that had me suspecting everyone, Malice was an intense and thrilling read.  I really enjoyed the time travel aspect of the story, although the actual mechanics of it were confusing and a bit wishy washy, and the idea of the different timelines that branched off the main fated path was especially interesting.  The choices that Alice (and some of the people in the future) found themselves facing were truly horrifying and included the type of moral questions that always intrigue me.  It’s the type of book that had me wondering what I would do in the same position, long after I finished it.  I don’t want to give too much away, because the twists were definitely the best part of the book, but I will say the author was quite skilful at not revealing crucial information until the end.  There were several plot points that just made no sense to me for most of the book, until the big reveals, and I loved that!

If you enjoy books about time travel, contagions and end of the world prophecies, I’d highly recommend adding this one to your TBR!




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